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Information in English and other languages

Information in English and other languages

The Government have enacted a variety of measures to prevent transmission of the coronavirus in Norway. To enter Norway as a foreign traveller, you must present documentation of a negativ testresult prior to entry. You must also complete a declaration form. If you are arriving from a countries or areas with high level of infevtion, you must enter a 10 days quarantine.  

To read more about the rules and requirements entering Norway, use the national information-sites in these links: 

General information about corona in english 

Information from the Norwegian Government  

In the page below you'll find press conferences, news, press releases and information from the Government in several languages.

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Feeling sick? 

Please, do not show up at the emergency room or at our test center without an appointment. We strongly urge you to call first. You can call: (+47)  77 87 15 15

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Read more about the regulations in Norway in the following pages: 

Norwegian Directorate of Health

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

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