Testing ved mistanke - Senja kommune har teststasjon for koronatesting. Tester må fortsatt avtales på forhånd for å sette opp time. Les mer om teststasjonen og kontaktinformasjon på denne lenken.

På våre temasider om korona kan du lese oppdatert informasjon om koronaviruset og tiltak fra kommunen og nasjonale myndigheter.

Temaside - koronavirus 

Information in English

Information in English

The Government have enacted a variety of new measures to prevent transmission of the coronavirus in Norway. 

New regulations apply for travelers from other countries. The new travel advice for avoiding infection can be found here

Read more about the quarantine in several languages (fhi.no)

Feeling sick? 

Please, do not show up at the emergency room or at our test center without an appointment. We strongly urge you to call first. You can call: (+47)  77 87 15 15

Why the strict regulations?

Preventing transmission is the most important step to slow down the infection rate and avoid widespread illness. With fewer people in need of medical care at the same point of time, our health and care services will be better able to care for those in need. We can all help to prevent transmission - Thank you for contributing!

More information

Read more about the regulations in Norway in the following pages: 

Norwegian Directorate of Health

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

General advise and information to the public